Welcome to The Blue Mile

A secure, scenic woodland walk, incorporating a bio-diversity corridor, surrounding the perimeter of the Garryowen FC Grounds in Dooradoyle, Limerick.


As part of the Garryowen FC community liaison program, we encourage members of the public to use the facility. We simply ask that you will respect the space, keep it clean and tidy and don’t leave any unwanted litter or dog poo behind you.

  • Open to the Public. 9am to 9pm – 7 Days per week
  • Free of charge for walkers. Trust box in place accepting voluntary contributions
  • Incorporating a Bio-Diversity Corridor.
  • Full function Café and seating facilities Facilities on site.
  • Two Loops is exactly one mile.
  • Car Parking for Members Only or by arrangement.

Community Engagement

The Blue Mile will provides a recreation facility for the Community, in a medium density housing location, within the Dooradoyle/Raheen area of Limerick City.

Local Schools/Youth Programs are encouraged to participate in the creation and maintenance of the Bio-Diversity Corridor.   Guidance is available from a recognised Horticulturalist, who has been engaged by the Project to offer students advise on planting and garden maintenance.

The Facility will be made available for sponsored walks as a fundraising platform, for other Charitable Groups.

The Project is 100% volunteer-led and fundraising activity is on-going to assist with covering development and maintenance costs.

The Blue Mile Milestones

Founded in 1884, Garryowen Football Club has had a foot in three Centuries. The Club has lived through and endured Two World Wars, The Irish Revolution and foundation of the State, two Global Pandemics and much more. Throughout our long history, many thousands of players have worn the light blue jersey, the red of Munster, the Green of Ireland an onwards to the Lions. During this period, the Club has accumulated countless trophies on the National, Provincial and Local Stage.

The Blue Mile will be punctuated by Milestones erected en-route. These Milestones will reflect the significant events within our Club History. The Blue Mile is a living Project and will be added to in the months and years ahead.

Further information on the marketing plan and sponsorship opportunities can be obtained by downloading the project scope document here. Examples of Key Club Milestones below. This is not an exhaustive list

The Club welcomes contact from any individual or business, who may be interested in supporting the erection of a Milestone on the trail. Contact us here.

Bio-Diversity Corridor

Working in conjunction with our Youth Players and School Programs, the intention is to develop a Bio-Diversity Corridor on the Blue Mile. Under the guidance of a Leading Horticulturalist, the corridor will incorporate wild flowers, insects, fungi, rockeries, bird boxes etc and will be a fertile location to encourage bird and insect life to flourish.